'God bless our Home'

Setter Veneta Ebanks ran a chain of grocery stores with her husband William in the early 1900s. However, she could always be found at the small blue snackette at the front of her family home in St Elizabeth, Jamaica.


She was what Jamaicans called a 'seasoned hand', using the freshest ingredients from her farm to prepare the best traditional drinks and desserts purely by eye and taste, always with our grandmother by her side.

Your House

When our great-grandmother baked, it was always for a special occasion, where people she loved and knew and even those she didn't, laughed, ate and came closer together. She never baked for the sake of it, or for a supermarket shelf, and neither will we.

Always small-batch, handmade and personal.

Jamaica House was founded on craft and quality. Each year, we make a small, seasonal selection of our luxury Caribbean ice creams and a limited batch run of 1000 rum cakes. That means we'll never have to compromise on quality.


There's over 236 years of history in every product we create and we're proud of our tradition of making quality Caribbean luxuries with the world's finest ingredients.





Monday - Sunday



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